Connected with my London escorts while in a long distance relationship

There is no better feelings when you had a stable relationship. I always dream to find a girl that will give me satisfaction and security. I have been through in many relationship and all are failures. I think that we are not suitable with other. I get started relationship when I was still fifteen years old and so on. All of the relationships I had, there’s no way I took for granted. I have love them with all my heart and treat them well. But all they have return me was pain and broke. My age is getting older and mostly lost my hope to find a girl that will be with me for a lifetime. All the pain I encounter teach me to be a stone of heart and not love anymore. But one girl has change it to a smooth heart. I’m the kind of man that barely believes in fairytales until my princess find me, no, I found her. Her work wasn’t pleasant to her but it does not mean she is a wild or bad girl.  She is better than any girl who finds a wealthy man and becomes an instant millionaire. She earned what she have now on becoming a London escort from but that’s not means she does everything you heard about escort. I booked her once when I went to London. Her name is Angel just like an Angel came to me and save me from my own world I make. I live my life alone and no other person attached but she was here to rescue me on the wrong ways I did. The first time I booked her, I know she is the one that complete me. She is a positive person and gave me advises when I need to. From that moment, I never want to lose communication to her that even I go home, we keep in touch. She became my girlfriend after months of courtships. We are in different countries but I make sure that long distance relationship is not a hindrance. I always call her every time of the day to follow up here. I am very open to hear her cries, problems and offer anything help. I always go to London when she was in serious problems or during our anniversaries. Everything went fine with us and feels like we are near with each other. I make sure that the connection is still active and never be offline. Long distance is not the issue but the trust and patience you can give to each other. You have to be both strong to keep away from temptations.

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