Should You Share Your Personal Journal?

Like so many other girls at our Basildon escorts, I do keep a personal journal. It started as a bit of fun, but it has become an important part of my life. I am not the only girl at our Basildon escorts agency of who likes to keep a journal. But unlike the other girls, would not dream of sharing my journal with any of the other girls. I am not saying that they gossip but I do know that some girls like to gossip about the men that they date.


When you work for a Basildon escorts service, it is really important that you keep things to yourself. A couple of years ago, one of my boyfriends read my journal and I was devasted. In all honesty, my boyfriend was a bit of a pervert and I think that he only dated me because I work for a Basildon escorts agency. Now I am much more careful with my journal, and I make sure that no one but me can lay their hands on my journal.


Why do Basildon escorts keep journals? I am not sure why other Basildon escorts keep journals, but I know why I keep a journal. When you work as an escort in Basildon, you get a chance to meet some real characters. Some of the antics of my regular clients at Basildon escorts are a bit unique and I like to keep making notes. I am not saying that I am going to write a book about what I do, but it is good to have material. Some girls have in fact written books about their life working for escort agencies in Basildon.


Do I date any men who are perverts? I think that we use that word incorrectly. In general, most of the men I date are not perverts. But, on the other hand, I believe men who like to date Basildon escorts do have a lot of fetishes which they like to fulfill. They don’t feel safe fulfilling them with their partners. To my surprise, I have found that many men don’t even tell their partners about the many different fetishes they have. That is the sort of thing I write about in my Basildon escorts diary. It may make exciting reading one day.


Would I expose any of the gents I date? No, I would not dream of exposing any of the men I date at Basildon escorts. Some girls have done so and they have left the Basildon escorts service soon after. It is simply not the sort of thing that you do when you want to enjoy a long Basildon escorts career. The truth is that you are either into escorting or you are not into it. I love it and I can’t see myself giving up working for my Basildon escorts any time soon, so I will have a lot more exciting stuff to add to my Basildon escorts diary.


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