True love in Ascot Escorts

When you are in love, it feels like you are in paradise. It feels no sadness but just happiness. It’s like you were dreaming that don’t want to end. Many people want to meet their true love and build their story together.¬† Television programs want us to believe that true love exists and keep waiting for a prince charming to save you. I barely believe in true love since I have witnessed many relationships that never lasted even how long they have been. But there are also some people that prove it. Relationship last when you can maintain the love in your journey as a couple. My family and I live in New York. When I was a kid, I have seen my parents treatments to each other, it seems like their relationship is new. It’s nice to see people loving each other and never give up. I have my puppy love during my grade two; I find the girl beautiful and smart in class.

Our relationship is smooth, and we graduated together. But after seven years of being together, she broke up with me because she chose to focus on her career. I am devastated and even resign my Job. I decided to move away in the place and went to Ascot. During my healing process, Janet found me, and she is an Ascot Escorts from She has seen the lost soul of mine and fixes the broken pieces. She never left me during my worsts days, and I thanked God I woke up with no pain inside me but happiness. Perhaps, I realize my ex-girlfriend is not my true love. I forgot that today is my birthday and Janet prepared a surprise for me. I am pleased and at the same time express my feelings to her. I know that this time I am complete, and she is the love of my life. We became together until now and will get married soon.

She loves to play with me and both of us becomes best friends. I like to help her all the time and defend her from anyone who hurt her. I promise myself when we get old; I will court her and became my girlfriend. During our high school, we decided to enroll in the same university, she became more beautiful now and fell in love with her every single day. I never let anyone be near her because I feel jealous. Both of us has the same goals in life and wishing that I am part of it too. Our goal is to graduate together in college and gets to work. After our high school, we still have the same college to enroll and the same course. I can’t hide my feelings anymore for her and decided to express. We both had the same feelings and became a couple.


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